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Generic Nexium is used to treat or prevent the following medical conditions or diceases: Erosive Esophagitis, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Helicobacter Pylori Infection, Nsaid Induced Gastric Ulcer, Pathological Hypersecretory Conditions, Zollinger Ellison Syndrome Nexium is a specific inhibitor of a proton pump (PPIs) of the parietal cells of the mucous layer of stomach. It is accumulated and transformed into an active form in the secretory tubules where it inhibits secretion of hydrocoric acid.

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A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses.

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Esomeprazole is a generic drug used to treat certain conditions where there is too much acid in the stomach. Antacids are alkali liquids or tablets that can neutralise the stomach acid.

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Coated esomeprazole 40mg pills that are resistant to the action of gastric juice in the stomach.

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