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I am also seeing a Pain doctor who gave me a Medial Nerve Block that lasted maybe 2 days and I have been in agony since. If your doc gives you grief on ordering it that way, tell him to me, lol.

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I expect part of it comes from being Chinese and learning to write with a brush. There is something captivating and mesmerizing about watching somebody do something they’re very good at. This morning I had a meown talking to the people who deliver those 40 pound bottles of water that I hurt my shoulder wrestling when I found out that they have 3 gallon bottles and that these bottles will fit on my cooler.

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The reason I asked the above question is my PCP prescribed generic for Norco..because I have been having upper back pain ranging from the base of my neck down my spine to where a bra ends. Meanwhile I work in a elementary school Cafeteria and by the time I get off Im in agony.

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When my PCP had Xrays done he found 2 fractured vertibre with no apparent reasoning why. I can not quit work we need the income so I asked for something stronger so I could continue working that's when Tramadol came.

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