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Why Tramadol Really Isn't Non-Narcotic Palm Beach

Nucynta (Tapentadol) and Tramadol (Ultram) are pain ing medications.

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A narcotic analgesic proposed for moderate to severe pain. [Pub Chem] Tramadol is also prepared as a variable release capsules, marketed under the brand name Con Zip.

Tramadol Hydrocoride Drug Information, Professional -

Tramadol Hydrocoride Drug Information, Professional -

Tramadol was launched and marketed as "Tramal" by the German pharmaceutical company Grünenthal Gmb H in 1977 in West Germany, and 20 years later it was launched in countries such as the UK, US, and Australia.

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Tramadol is a synthetic opioid analgesic (painer) that is frequently prescribed to manage moderate to severe levels of pain—such as that experienced after surgery or in chronic conditions like arthritis.

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