Switching from synthroid to aurmour thyroid

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I know everyone isn’t interested in my hormone experiments, so if you’re less than enthralled by tales of T3 and TSH, skip this one. To get up to speed, you mht want to read these posts: My status in April, 2012, a.k.a., the one where I decide to see Dr.

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MARGIE’S STORY — This is a short and sweet story involving going to Disney World and having a much better time thanks to getting off Synthroid and onto Natural Desiccated Thyroid!

<b>Switching</b> <b>from</b> Levothyroxine to Armour? - <b>Thyroid</b> Disorders.

Synthroid/Cytomel Combo VS. Naturethroid. —

I have just switched from Synthroid to Armour for my thyroid.

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The main reason physicians will tell you not to use it, it that since 2002, the american association of clinical endocrinologists does not recommend the use of desiccated thyroid for thyroid replacement therapy for hypothyroidism (baskin, 2002).

Switching from synthroid to aurmour thyroid:

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