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Well I guess there aren't too many who have switched from Fluoxetine to cymbalta.

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I really am so angry scared of all the things the doctors are giving me,, i don't hate dr's, it just seems like some of them just don't care they just want to put you on a script and send you on your way... thanks to all who cares sincerly Sandi I will only comment on my experience.

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Switch from cymbalta to prozac

Duloxetine, SSRIs (excl fluoxetine and fluvoxamine), TCADs (excl clomipramine), vortioxetine: cautious cross-tapering* recommended, using low starting dose of new agent.

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I am interested in hearing about any experiences switching from an SSRI such as Lexapro or Prozac to a natural remedy such as St John's Wort.

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