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Hans-Ulrich WITTCHEN, Ph D Franziska EINSLE, Ph D Institute for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Center of Clinical Epidemiology and Longitudinal Studies (CELOS) Dresden University of Technology GERMANY Anxiety, depression, and somatic complaints are strongly interrelated core concepts describing a wide range of subjective verbal expressions that may range from transient negative affect expressions to those associated with enduring prototypical cliniy relevant mental disorders.

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A person with somatic symptom disorder has one or more "somatic" (physical) symptoms over a long period of time (usually half a year or more).

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Somatic symptom disorder occurs when a person feels extreme anxiety about physical symptoms such as pain or fatue. But it's the extreme reaction and behaviors about the symptoms that are the main problem. This is when a person is overly anxious about becoming sick or developing a serious disease. The types of tests that are done depend on what symptoms you have.

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