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(page 1 of 3) A green living wall anchors one end of the atrium, opposite the conference rooms.

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Courtesy Carlos Chavarria While it’s not a prerequisite for Airbnb employees to have seen the 1964 Stanley Kubrick movie which features as its visual centerpiece a famous—and famously anti-conflict—War Room, it does help the layout of the company’s conference room make a lot more sense.

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Power updates: 26 December Power updates: 26 October Aotearoa (K1) General Fred from TKM – 149M X Lorraine x from PSp – 111M Demon from INS – 106M Approximately 13-14 players with T4.

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SOMA is a horror title from Frictional Games, the developers of the Penumbra series and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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Rating: 98 / 100

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