Soma smoothie es geometry

Lovely Bicycle! Smoothies All Around!

The "ES" means 'extra smooth.' It mht not be as quick handling as our Smoothie or other dedicated race frames, but it is still quite fast and you'll actually gain valuable stability on speedy descents and the ability to fit wider tires.

Smoothie SOMA Fabrications

No sooner had I returned from New York over the weekend, than the Soma Smothie I'd been anticipating for review had arrived.

Crosswrench <em>SOMA</em> <em>Smoothie</em> ES update

Lovely Bicycle! Soma Smoothie Impressionism

So I took a break from the loop frame delirium of the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show and immediately took it for a spin.

Crosswrench SOMA Smoothie ES update

Unfortunately, I fall in love pretty easily, and often pretty hard.

Soma smoothie es geometry:

Rating: 92 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates