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However, the plant does hold relious worth as you said. Other posters have mentioned that soma is an elixir that induces sleep, referred to it as a drug from a famous novel used to alleviate all pain and unhappiness artificially, and that the song may refer to a breakup.

Soma by Smashing Pumpkins Songfacts

One of the most popular and longest running Smashing Pumpkins fan websites on the internet and home to the infamous Netphoria Message Board, the largest Smashing Pumpkins community forums that Billy Corgan loves to hate.

The Smashing PumpkinsSoma <em>Lyrics</em> Lyrica Fandom.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Soma Lyrics SongMeanings

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The song-writing credits list James Iha and Billy Corgan as co-authors, but Corgan claims that Iha only wrote the chord structure for the beginning of the song, and that Corgan himself wrote the rest.

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