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When it comes to ordering gear; it's pretty much trial & error. Since I've been burned (more than once) I thought I'd do for others what I wish someone had done for me ________________________ 6 Week Steroid Cycle Haven't been on in a while, this post was going to be my question. My connect died in a motorcycle accident earlier this year and im lost as far as getting gear! It wasnt 100% thats for sure but how much of it did work - basiy I'm now fucked as I cant be sure how much effect this gear actually had, placebo etc. I spent 9 weeks injecting 450mg of test-e with no real gains. 4 weeks later I cant get out of bed just to tired to get my ass to the gym, I do make it most days but not with the gusto I used to have. Is this just a phase I'm going through or is it due to me coming off the gear I brought?

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