Prednisone and pain relief

Oral Steroids in Initial Treatment of Acute Sciatica

: Many physicians use prednisone to treat acute sciatica with the hope of speeding recovery.

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OTHER POSSIBLE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS OF PREDNISONE: Prednisone and diabetes: Prednisone is associated with new onset or manifestations of latent diabetes, and worsening of diabetes.

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What medications are used to treat lupus? Lupus Foundation of.

Allergic reaction: Some people may develop a severe allergic reaction to prednisone that includes swelling of the airways (angioedema).

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I am still working with my latest specialist to determine exactly WHICH type of arthritis I have; she feels it is probably ankylosing spondylitis with enthesitis (inflammation where any tissue attaches to bone).

Prednisone and pain relief:

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