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told me a couple of months ago that he thinks I have PCOS. After the past 4 times that my husband and I have had sex I have been experiencing pain and bloating in my abdomen..time it lasted through the next day. Then I often feel crampy for a few days afterwards. this is not what we ever expected...say the least....sorry to hear about your problems...the way, how are you testing if you ovulate or not each month? it's been strange recently b/c I have gotten my period on my own a couple of times, yet, I still don't think i'm ovulating.. before that, I wasn't getting it at all on my own.... well, we've been ttc for 13 months...i've done 3 rounds of clomid thus far...thank you for the encouragement...

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The sensation is usually a sudden twang, pop or twinge in the lower abdomen, which coincides with the ovulatory stage of their menstrual cycle.

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A: An IUI -- intrauterine insemination -- is performed by threading a very thin flexible catheter through the cervix and injecting washed sperm directly into the uterus. A: Usually the sample is collected through ejaculation into a sterile collection cup, but it is also possible to obtain collection condoms for this purpose (through the doctor's office -- Milex is one company that makes them).

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Experiencing pain in the vulva or the vagina is more common than you mht think.

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