Neurontin the drug what it does

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Drug-company corruption of American medicine is of course not news. annual sales of Neurontin increase from $98 million in 1995 to nearly $3 billion in 2004? We can't wait for [physicians] to ask, we need [to] get out there and tell them up front.

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And btw, keep in mind while you read this, i was a lawyer -- at a b firm -- trying to practice law while this was all happening. Anyway, I was put on a massive dose of Neurontin and seemed ok at first (started smaller, gradually added more and more).

Gabapentin - pedia

Gabapentin - pedia

Gabapentin belongs to the class of medications ed anti-epileptics.

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Neurontin (brand name Neurontin) is a medication orinally developed for the treatment of epilepsy.

Neurontin the drug what it does:

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