Neurontin peripheral neuropathy

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(You can read about HIV-related PN below.)For issue #2, that your hip discomfort "has gotten better with time" would argue against avascular necrosis. Read more » Thanks all for your efforts and hy appreciated work for us! Another source of some alternative medicine approaches is at the under neuropathy.

Gabapentin for Peripheral Neuropathy?

Gabapentin is used with other medications to prevent and control seizures.

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The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. My symptoms are sharp pains and burning in my feet and hands, sensitivity to touch especially on my feet. It works for me great.""First and foremost I have been taking Gabapentin 100mg daily and it knocked about 75% of my symptoms out. Massive instant mood changes, feelings of wanting to hurt others for no reason were the worst.

Gabapentin for Peripheral Neuropathy? -

It helps with the pain but I am so depressed I am feeling lost and helpless. Dave I am divorced (7 1/2years) after a 34 yr marriage. Neuropathy started 5 years ago, no reason found, and I was put on Tramadol. I tried Cymbalta but that didn't work and was too expensive for me anyway.

Neurontin peripheral neuropathy:

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