Movement from soma to axon

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Activity at an axon terminal: Neuron A is transmitting a snal at the axon terminal to neuron B (receiving). The presence of the pore allows for the release of neurotransmitter into the synaptic cleft.

Transport and the Molecular Mechanism of Secretion Section 1.

Animals have nervous systems that 1) collect,, 2) process and 3) elicit responses to biological information.

BIOL2060 Cell Biology - Memorial University

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The polarized structure and long neurites of neurons pose a unique challenge for proper mitochondrial distribution.

Mitochondrial trafficking and anchoring in neurons New insht and.

Two main components: 1) central nervous system: CNS (brain and spinal cord with both sensory and motor cells) and 2) peripheral nervous system: PNS (somatic nervous system [voluntary skeletal muscle movements] and autonomic nervous system [involuntary movements of heart, GI, blood vessels and some glands]).

Movement from soma to axon:

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