Movement from soma to axon

Lecture 1

Activity at an axon terminal: Neuron A is transmitting a snal at the axon terminal to neuron B (receiving). The presence of the pore allows for the release of neurotransmitter into the synaptic cleft.

Neurons - Changing Minds

Result of tau detachment from microtubules and accumulation in soma.

Lecture 1

How does a nerve impulse travel along a neuron?

| Neurons have three distinct functional and structural domains: a cell body (soma), a long axon and thick dendrites with many branches and elaborate dendritic arbors.

Quantitative Analysis of Axonal Transport by Using.

Two main components: 1) central nervous system: CNS (brain and spinal cord with both sensory and motor cells) and 2) peripheral nervous system: PNS (somatic nervous system [voluntary skeletal muscle movements] and autonomic nervous system [involuntary movements of heart, GI, blood vessels and some glands]).

Movement from soma to axon:

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