Lipitor and zocor studies

Statins Flawed Studies, False Advertising and Lack of Transparency

Has anyone read how horrific the side effects really are to some of these statins and realized that either they or their loved ones had these very syoms and becames seriously ill to the point that they ended up in ICU not knowing who they were, where they were, in so much pain they could not bear to be touched and had regressed to near infancy before anyone fured out that it was zocor or lipitor or another statin they were on that was causing these bizarre illnessess ?

Liptor Statin & Cholesterol Drug Uses, Dosage & Diabetes

Hh doses of the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor were no better at preventing recurrent heart attacks and heart-related deaths than regular doses of the competing drug Zocor, according to the latest study on efforts to aggressively treat heart conditions.

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Lipitor Clinical Studies

It also appears in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association.

Does zocor cause acne Lipitor and zocor dosage

The study, funded and conducted by Lipitor's maker Pfizer Inc., was prepared for presentation Tuesday at an American Heart Association meeting in Dallas.

Lipitor and zocor studies:

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