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Meet Jay Schiller, Merck’s director of Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Drug Metabolism, whose story and career successes illustrate why a diverse and inclusive workforce is so important.

Cipro Antibiotic, and Anti-Tendon

Among all the antibiotics referring to the of drugs ed ‘fluoroquinolones’ Ciprofloxacin is considered to be one of the most spread one and widely prescribed.

Important <b>Information</b> About Ciprofloxacin <b>Antibiotic</b>

Important Information About Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic

The irony is that it appears to have taken the threat of a lawsuit to do it. Drug companies have to deal with lawsuits all the time.

What is D-Mannose? How to take D

If you read this blog, you know by now that D-Mannose helps to prevent urinary tract infections (the ones, which are caused by E. Since it is not metabolized in the body like other sugars, it does not affect the blood sugar levels, and therefore is safe for the diabetic menu and does not cause weht gain.

Information on antibiotic called cipro:

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