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My gyn doesn't think I'm ovulating and suggested putting me on Clomid. He said one study suggested an increased risk of birth defects when using this drug, but he said the study was proven false. Also said not as much is known about Femara because it's only been used for fertility for 10 yrs. I've had some trouble with conceiving and I wanted to know will I ever get pregnant.

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I'm 46, have 10 children and really would love another child. I love how vitex helps me ovulate, but it seems useless for past ovulation. My question is can I use vitex and maca together for the days before ovulation and then after ovulation use Maca and progesterone cream.

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She has taken fantastic care of me and professionally guided me through a time that could have been very difficult. The one on one medical attention makes you feel very safe.

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