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Behçet's is usually pronounced as "Beh-CHETS" after Hulusi Behçet a Turkish Professor of Dermatology, who spent many years promoting the clinical awareness of the condition.

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Colchicine should be used with caution in: elderly patients and debilitated patients and to those with cardiac, renal (kidney), hepatic (liver) or gastrointestinal disease.

Treatment of Severe <strong>Colchicine</strong> Overdose with <strong>Colchicine</strong>-Specific.

Underlying etiologies of oral ulcers require attention Dermatology.

Although the disease is rare in the United States, sporadic cases do occur in patients who would not appear to be at risk because of their ethnic backgrounds (e.g., in Caucasians or African–Americans).

Treatment of Severe Colchicine Overdose with Colchicine-Specific.

Generally speaking, medicines are desned to make you feel better.

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