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John Robb’s summary of Christmas TV [on louderthanwar] is as good place as any to start, to quote from his Sex Pistols review “the dire Xmas break – where UK culture seems to be on a permanent 1974 time loop“.

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Lies in its onomatopoeia, its imitation of birdsong; this view accords with suggestions in Pound’s writings that rhythm in language is a manifestation of physiology.

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Cries and cracks” “animal” rhythms in Ezra Pound's translations.

On 23rd March we will have the full moon in Libra at 3°17’ and the sun will be exactly at its opposite in Aries.

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In diesem Flacon sind viele andere Farbkombinationen "versteckt". neen oft zu Selbstmitleid, da sie sich möglicherweise nicht verstanden füen.

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