Augmentin reaction to sun

Can Some Drugs Make Me More Sensitive to the Sun? - Consumer.

Try to avoid sun exposure for a few days and use a medicated sunscreen whenever you are out.

Sun-Sensitizing Drugs Sun-sensitizing drugs have side effects when.

Drugs like amoxicillin, ACE inhibitors, stress, excitement, cold exposure, prolonged sitting or standing, and ingestion of certain foods can cause such reaction.

<em>Sun</em>-Sensitizing Drugs <em>Sun</em>-sensitizing drugs have side effects when.

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An antibiotic medication allergy is a harmful reaction to an antibiotic.

Read this before you go out in the sun! - The Beach Health Center LLC

Medicines that cause sun sensitivity can increase the chance of sun damage. 5 Medicines that Cause Sun Sensitivity 22 June 2010. Sun Sensitivity is mentioned in Amoxicillin discussions. Amoxicillin; Does Amoxicillin cause Sun Sensitivity?

Augmentin reaction to sun:

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