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Donatella Versace, tiny, sculpted and forever blonde, was standing backstage after her menswear show at the Teatro Versace in Milan in June, receiving polite congratulations from a handful of editors and friends.

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The Versace name is definitely part of the fashion lexicon if not the world’s.

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VERSACE heiress Allegra Beck has given a rare interview in which she talks about the sadness that engulfed her when her beloved uncle, Gianni, was murdered in 1997."For years I lived in the dark," she said.

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There are many exalted distinctions Donatella Versace can lay claim to: being one of the most famous women in the world and having one of the best wardrobes, most er bodies, most insane jewelry collections, and even the most famous friends. Yet here she is, in her Hollywood home away from home, the Beverly Hills Hotel, with her 20-year-old daughter, Allegra, acting all mother-hen-like, proud as the perennial parental peacock — in skintht Versace black, of course — fluttering around Allegra (whom her late uncle, Gianni, nicknamed Little Princess) like the proud Italian mama she surprisingly actually is. DV's been daring desner darling by nht and undercover supermom in her corsets and satin jeans by day. "While her mother's accent is flamboyant Italiano, Allegra's is a soft hybrid of Brit and American, and in many ways she seems her mother's diametrical opposite: shy, introverted, even a little bit hesitant.

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