Accutane results in week three

Accutane - how long till I see results? -

When it strikes during the teen years, it can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, embarrassment and depression.

When It Comes to Accutane, More Is Not Necessarily Better

It is very important that your doctor check the progress of you or your child at regular visits to make sure this medicine is working properly.

<strong>Accutane</strong>®-Exposed Pregnancies -- California, 1999 - CDC

Accutane®-Exposed Pregnancies -- California, 1999 - CDC

So I know that everyone reacts differently to this product but rht when I started to take it I started to get better. I'm also taking an antibiotic with accutane to also help with break-outs so that may also be the cause.

I took 40mg of Accutane Isotretinoin a day for six months to treat.

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Accutane results in week three:

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